Project Description


The Warthog WGP-1 is designed to produce up to 40% more pulling power than the WG-1, with the front jet plugged. The rear facing jets are angled more sharply and the centralizer fins have been streamlined. The result is more pulling power to navigate longer lines and moderate inclines, plus makes retrieval of the tool easier.


  • Controlled rotation — Slower dwell time allows jets to penetrate deeper through deposits
  • Multiple head options — Customize tool for unplugging, descaling or manhole cleaning
  • Highest quality jets — Hardened stainless steel orifices resist cracking and scratching
  • Optional descaling head available
Maximum Pressure 5k psi (350 bar)
Operating Pressure 1,500-5k psi (100-350 bar)
Rotation Speed 150-300 rpm
Flow 50-80 gpm (190-300 l/min)
Flow Rating 4.6 Cv
Pulling Force 100-140 lb (450-623 Nm)
Inlet Connection 1 NPT or BSPP
Tool Diameter 4.8 in. (122 mm)
Length 9.1 in. (231 mm)
Ports 5 x 1/8 NPT
Weight Complete 10.9 lb (4.9 kg)

Safety First!

Powerful Tools Demand Respect. Pipes larger than 4” in diameter require a rigid stinger between the tool inlet and the hose end. Otherwise the tool can turn around inside the line and come back toward the operator, causing serious injury or death.

Maintenance Manuals

Warthog WGP-1 – View PDF