Project Description

Impact Drilling Cutter

These tools are a radical innovation for milling-off deposits in pipes. The enz golden jet® impact drilling cutters are designed to remove the most stubborn deposits like concrete, injection cement, mineral deposits etc. They are equipped with tungsten carbide and/or diamond tipped teeth. They work with a percussion system of 600-3000 impulses per minute and up to 12 tons of impact force. Please ask for special equipment for plastic pipes! When using the pull rod (drawing device) the cutters can be driven with half the water quantity (from 200 mm).


  • superior performance compared to other cutters
  • extended tooth life
  • easy handling
  • low maintenance cost
  • proven design All impact drilling cutters can be operated without impacts.


  • To remove concrete, injection cement, calcarious layers etc.
  • Ø 100 – 600 mm
Parts Diagram