Project Description


Here was carried out a successful improvement in channel and pipe cleaning. The Enz-Bulldozer has a hydrostatic chamber, herewith reducing water turbulences and improving the flow dynamic to the ceramic inserts. The result is a compact, aggressive and most effective water jet not attained up to now. A forward jet, on all Enz-Bulldozer, clears the debris ahead of the advancing unit. If desired, the front-jet can be closed by a blind plug. Two additional nozzles, set slightly higher, clean the sides of the channel.


  • enormous flushing capacity = reduced water consumption
  • big water acceleration = superb flushing effect
  • no swimming-up of the tool = very good cleaning of ground in channels with large water passage
  • excellent gliding property: forwards and backwards thanks to the rounded skids and the front-jet
  • The low and compact construction allows various uses in heavily polluted pipes
Parts Diagram