Project Description

Standard and
Penetrator Nozzles

This family of nozzles are the most commonly used for general cleaning applications as well as pre-cleaning prior to use of root cutters or specialty nozzles. Machined in heat treatable stainless steel the nozzle jets are computer calculated to pumps performance to ensure optimum cleaning results. Available in two styles, the Standard nozzle has rear thrusting jets to scour and clean pipe interiors, while the Penetrator also incorporates a forward facing jet to assist in breaking through blockages. Nozzles can be custom drilled for special applications.

Standard Penetrator Description Size Dia. x Length Weight Parts Diagram
100700 100800 3/8 BSP Male 24 x 36 50g Click here
 100900  101000  3/8 BSP Female  30 x 36  80g Click here
 101100  101200  1/2 BSP Male  24 x 30  50g Click here
 101300  101400  1/2 BSP Female  30 x 36  80g Click here
 101700  101800  3/4 BSP Female  38 x 75  300g Click here
 102100  102200  1″ BSP Female  50 x 100  700g Click here